Readers of my blog may recall a few months ago that I wrote about the closure of a high street stalwart in Kentish Town called Blustons.

This was a family owned business that had been trading for 84 years. The shop had an iconic facade that had been used for the Yazoo “Only You” video and an Amy Winehouse photo shoot.

So my interest was piqued when I got off the 134 bus this morning to see the frontage lit up and decorated. On closer inspection, there’s some new mannequins to go with a couple of the older ones left behind after the closure.

Mannequins a go-go
Mannequins a go-go

There’s some crystal decanters and glass on the floor with a few ornamental fish and birds.

Across the windows is printed:


It all looks really quite stylish.

After some searching on Twitter, it appears that the windows have been decorated by Ted Baker, the high street clothes retailer. You can read about it here. There is no Ted Baker branding in the display. Ted Baker’s headquarters are nearby in St Pancras Way and their founder Ray Galvin walks past the shop.

The Models
The Models

Former owner Michael Albert commented:

He knew we had empty windows and walks by there quite often and he just wants to use the front of the windows to show what nice they could be to encourage somebody to rent it or buy it.

Ted Baker added that they wanted to:

Bring a splash of colour back to Kentish Town High Street, giving a nod to yesteryear and keeping tradition alive

The display will be temporary for the next couple of weeks. There don’t appear to be any permanent plans for letting the premises but in the meantime, the current display brings some colour and light to those dark autumnal mornings and evenings. Well worth catching if you are in the area.

You can read my original post here.

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