I love the Lexington. It is one of my favourite London venues. It is in a great location in London, the upstairs room offers great sight lines to the stage and what’s more they sell really good ginger beer for those nights when child minding economies mean we need to take the car and good proper beer for the other nights too. I’ve never seen a bad gig there (Thurston Moore, Dylan Carlsen, Wooden Wand, The Saints, St Spirit and Crybaby were all excellent).

And after the Everlasting Yeah on Saturday night, my track record at the venue is getting better.

This is the fifth time that I’ve seen the ‘Yeah and the first time since their gig at the Dome in Tufnell Park in the summer of 2014 (their last gig in London).

Damian and Brendan

Frankly the band blew the roof off of the Lexington. All of the album, “Anima Rising” (still available here) got an airing plus three news songs and a blast of a previous staple, known before as “Hurricane Nation” (lord only knows what it is called now). The sound was sublime with the time spent rehearsing for the show evident. Brendan and Ciaran had the groove locked down, Ciaran in particular being on extraordinary form. The new material bodes very well for the new album.

All these photos are by kind permission of Kate Greaves – thanks Kate.

I hope the guys won’t mind me saying but they outstrip many young bucks in their energy on stage and when this is combined with their hard earned musical chops, it makes for a compelling mix. They are becoming more confident as well, allowing the songs to stretch out and breath. They have great musical taste between them and their influences are broad but the whole remains much much greater than the some of their parts.

Raymond and Ciaran

There is a real sense of community and fun at their shows too. The Lexington was perfect too, sold out and everyone wanting to make the dark dank damp February night outside just simply be blown away.

Damian, Brendan and Raymond

I just hope now that the stars align in 2016 for these fellas and they can take the show on the road. My friend Pete came along and he mentioned how well they would go down at a festival. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Here’s a cracking version of one my favourites from an earlier gig at the Roundhouse.

There was a nice support set from She Makes War too. Laura made a ukulele, guitar and megaphone go a very long way. “Slow Puncture” and the following song were amongst the highlights.

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