Those of you who have more elephantine memories may remember me writing about Carpet, a young band from Congleton in Cheshire. Six months after a January headlining gig in Macclesfield, the band have released their first studio work.

The band have been laying down (pardon the pun) some tracks at Stockport’s Rubber Soul studio. They quickly realised that whilst a decent repertoire of covers was good to get things off the ground and bring, there was a necessity to develop their own songs. At their recent gig at the Sugarmill in Stoke, they had dialled the covers down to just one, Orange Juice’s “Rip It Up”, replete with saxophone solo. The band also recognised that quality was paramount too and that whilst they could no doubt crank out three chords thrashes, something more was needed to differentiate them.

It has taken a little while to develop the material but this has worked. They’ve already got some slots on local BBC radio and now we can hear the fruits of their labours.

“All In Good Time” has just launched on streaming platforms and as a first shot across the bows, it demands to be heard. Whilst much of what could be described as “indie” at the moment is actually closer to antiseptic pop music with a guitar chucked in as a prop. “All In Good Time” builds nicely. Starting with a grinding bass pattern, they hold back on the guitar until the chorus kicks in, a couple of verses in.  The false endings are a lovely touch too, adding a wee bit of drama.

Guitarist Ed Lane in the vocal booth

The song was mostly written by guitarist Ed with input from the rest of the band on arrangements and was one of two songs captured on their first trip into Rubber Soul. The second, “Every Shade of Blue (But She Still Wears Black)” will follow shortly.

The band’s intention was to keep the recording natural which I think is exactly the right approach. There’s a couple of very minor vocal glitches which singer Ewan tells me they consciously decided not to redo (I won’t point them out as it is more fun to have a listen yourself, but if you can spot them, then you’ve got a better ear than me). If you are thinking “Surfer Rosa” era Pixies, this rawness is exactly what gives that brilliant debut LP its excitement and makes it still fresh 30 years later. Carpet have listened and learnt and long may that continue.


The band have more gigs coming up in the Cheshire area in the coming months and are back at the Sugarmill in Stoke on 4 August, supporting Stepping Lane. The short-term goal is to keep honing the live show and new material with a view to picking up some more gigs in nearby Manchester. If the odd A&R person (if such a thing still exists) or record company cocks an ear to them in the meantime, then all the better.[[

You can follow the band on Instagram at @carpetbandcong.

So where do you find the track?

For those with Spotify:

And for those without an account:

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